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About us

Dr. Toyin Opasanmi M.D.

Co-founder Global Vision Foundation

Medical DIrector

We have one voice and one premise that the “Suffering of One is the Suffering of All”.  We are dedicated to working with the most vulnerable people to transform the most desperate circumstances into a life of hope and inspiration.


 Many people have been touched by the disease of poverty in our community. Poverty as a disease ranks amongst such diseases as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, HIV/AIDS, malaria, and others.





Some inflicted are financially/economically poor, some physically poor (unhealthy), some spiritually poor, yet some are emotionally poor.

Many have died in poverty which is preventable. Poverty causes disparities in health accessibility, education, finances, and general well-being. 


GVF and its volunteers believe that we have a social and civic responsibility to our constituent communities to address the social and environmental issues facing the underprivileged, hence assist in making a difference. As we partner with organizations to combat preventable diseases, we are committed to providing affordable, and when able, free services to the under-served in our local communities and in developing countries around the world.


We have partnered with organizations to provide free comprehensive healthcare to several communities over the years through medical missions. We have assisted in caring for the health and education of children in orphanages. We are partnering with organizations to improve poor environmental situations as funding permits. We are excited at the many opportunities we have to impact lives positively.

We have been blessed with a handful of dedicated, God fearing, people loving, like-minded, poverty hating individuals who work relentlessly to bridge disparity one person, one family, and one community at a time. 




Our Mission 


  • To build collaborative global networks of individuals and partner organizations dedicated and united in public service, working together to serve the world’s most vulnerable people with the conviction that limitless humanitarian giving “Breathes Viable and Healthy Communities Across the Globe”.

  • Outreach to communities of under privileged individuals, educating, empowering, equipping with necessary tools and resources for positive change and good health

Our Vision 

  • To bridge disparity in underserved peoples and communities regardless of ethnic, political or religious affiliations, through programs such as economic development, leadership and skills training, community health education and preventive health. Healthcare, low income housing, primary school education, empowerment of widows and orphans.

  • All GVF programs shall have resources for successful execution and completion.

  •  All GVF programs shall be impartial, neutral, independent, and humanitarian.

  • All GVF programs shall protect the lives and dignity of the under-privileged.


Global Vision Foundation is a non-profit 501c(3) organization committed to serving and assisting in maintaining viable and healthy communities locally and nationally, The primary focus of changing lives for the better of one person, one family, and one community at a time.

GVF was founded to provide aid, relief and other assistance to people through provisions of agriculture, food, nutrition, healthcare, housing, research, funding, and education worldwide, in the fight against preventable and chronic diseases, hunger, and poverty.


In the furtherance of its charitable purpose, the organization aims to establish "One Stop Shop" clinics equipped to reduce risk factors, prevent/delay chronic illnesses, promote wellness in children and adults, and provide positive, sustainable health change in communities nationally and internationally.

Build low income houses and empower poor families by providing them affordable mortgages.

Teach low income communities farming to eradicate poverty in the areas.

Start and provide free high quality education to the poverty ridden populations.

Care for widows and orphans.

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